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Newark Airport Taxi

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Easy 24 Hour Local / Long Distance Reservations:

Call us at 201-298-1650, 416-840-5246 or 011-44-2030-027-794 with the following information:

1. Location
2. Passenger Name
3. Passenger Telephone + Ext.
4. Number of Passengers
5. Total Pieces of Luggage
6. Destination
7. Method of Payment (Third Party Billing)

Easy 24 Hour Airport Pickup Reservation Instructions:


Step 1:  
Call us at 201-298-1650, 416-840-5246 or 011-44-2030-027-794 with the following information:

1.    Date of Arrival
2.   Time of Arrival
3.   Airport
4.   Airline
5.   Point of Origin
6.   No. of Passengers
7.   No. of Luggage
8.   Contact Passenger
9.   Contact Passenger's Cell / Mobile Phone
10.  Destination
11.  Completed Credit Card Authorization Form



Step 2:
Print our Airport Pick-Up Instructions

Airport Pick ups must be booked 3 - 24 hours in advance and require a credit card, or debit card with visa / MasterCard logo, on file.

A credit card authorization form must be faxed to our accounting department at 201-298-1682 in order to book your reservation.

Credit / Debit cards will be billed only on the day of reservation and the passenger has been picked up, or, if the passenger fails to cancel the reservation and does not appear.

In case a flight has been delayed, or re-routed our dispatch center will be monitoring all incoming flights.  Our car will be at the airport at your estimated time of arrival.  

Passengers can still opt to pay the cash rate on the date of the reservation and the credit / debit card will not be charged.

The number of passengers, luggage and/pets will determine the type of extras you may need to reserve. A minivan would have to be reserved for extra passengers over four (4), for extra luggage, oversized luggage and to accommodate a large pet carrier. We are family and pet friendly.

Making a taxi reservation by credit card:
Your credit card is 100% secure. Our company never charges a clients credit card until the actual day of your reservation. There are also no hidden charges. Only the base taxi fare, seven percent NJ sales tax (7%), fifteen percent driver gratuity (15%), Add On Services and any tolls will ever be applied to your credit card. Extras are charged by customer need and will be agreed upon during your initial telephone conversation, or email, reserving your taxi.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Making a taxi reservation by Third Party Billing:
Please see Third Party Reservations.



Taking an Earlier Flight:
If a passenger decides to take an earlier flight, we must be notified within 6 hours before the new flight is estimated to arrive.  Our airport pickups are done by appointment only and we will not inconvenience another client by re-routing any of our vehicles.  If we are not notified, our vehicle will be at the airport at the estimated time of arrival for your original flight and you may be billed full fare as a no-show.


Canceling your taxi reservation:
Canceling a taxi reservation is as easy as making a reservation. Call us a minimum of 6 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your reservation at 201-298-1650, 416-840-5246 or 011-44-2030-027-794 .  



Emergency Cancellations:
If a flight has been cancelled, our company will not bill a client's credit card.  Clients can call our dispatch center at 201-298-1650, 416-840-5246 or 011-44-2030-027-794  to confirm this type of Emergency Cancellation.


Add On Services:
Minivan's are available for 5 - 7 passengers, or 1 - 4 passengers with extra luggage.
Parking at the airport is charged by the hour and must be paid by the passenger.
Drivers will make stops at additional terminals within the airport if needed or additional stops between the pick location and final destination for an additional flat fee.  Please see fee chart below:

Description Fee
Airport Terminal Stop $5 per stop
Parking & Wait $12 an hour
Regular Wait Time $30 an hour
Minivan $25 added to fare
Stop between Location & Destination $10 per stop
Hourly Tours Sedan $45 / hour
Hourly Tours Minivan $50 / hour
Sales Tax 7%
Gratuity 15%


There is a $5 rush hour surcharge between 6am - 9am and 3pm - 6pm.


Reservation via Hotel facts:

1.  Our bill, for any taxi / car service provided by us to our passengers or clients, cannot be added to the hotel bill for payment. 

2.  Any rate (s) provided to you by hotel staff will be significantly higher than any rates stated directly from our service

For example the hotel rate from Hasbrouck Heights to Newark Airport is $80 plus tolls (see here). Our cab fare from Hasbrouck Heights to Newark Airport is $52 tolls included. That is $30 less.  

During rush hour there is a $5 surcharge which brings our rate to $57 tolls included.  That is still $25 less.

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