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Contrary to popular belief by many on vacation and travel websites, message boards and other forums, Taxicabs, Livery vehicles and Limousines are legally licensed, registered and insured in the state of New Jersey.  This portion of our website will give clarification to passengers in regards to the processes of New Jersey State and Local regulations for Taxi and Limousine Licensing.

New Jersey Towns only make available a limited number of slots for In-town taxi / limousine companies and another limited number of slots for out-of-town taxi/limousine companies.  Permits are necessary to operate within the town and the local Police Departments can identify by sight each individual company.  


Out of Town Companies

LICENSED and INSURED out-of-town companies without a valid permit for a town have to provide sufficient proof that the passenger called their company directly, or a significant fine will be issued to both the driver ($250 to $500) and the taxi / limousine company ($500 - $1000).  Presentation of proof also depends upon the officer issuing the fine, some may simply issue a warning and take the passenger out of the car while some officers may issue the maximum fine.   


Illegal Taxis / Gypsy Cabs

Taxis / limousines operating in a town must have the following:

1.  Valid Plates  OXY for Taxi and OL for Limousine.  (TLC plates are not authorized to pick up passengers who hail them in New Jersey)

2.  Valid Taxi/Limousine Permit to operate in that specific town.  Must be prominently displayed on the windshield.

3.  Current registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Vehicle registration is renewed each year in March, new registration stickers are placed on the license plates of the car.  They should say 

4.  Valid Taxi / Limousine Driver License (Hack License).  A hack license must be prominently displayed within the vehicle.

5.  Illegal taxis, or limousines, will be impounded by the local police department and hefty fines will be issued to the unlicensed driver and unlicensed owner of the vehicle.  

6.  Look out for regular non taxi/livery plates:   ABC 12A  Or, simulated OL plates:  DL 12345  

D L plates are specialized Organ Donor plates and not limousine plates.

7.  Beware of extremely low pricing.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is.  The driver may try to add additional unforeseen charges to your cab fare and may not know how to get you to your destination.

8.  Check the Yellow Pages online and do a reverse lookup.  If the number is not registered as a business number in the Yellow Pages, chances are the company may not be legitimate.  Click now to check an advertised number.

Company Telephone Yellow Pages Listing?  Link to Business Profile
Secaucus Taxi 201-866-7780


Secaucus Taxi

Metro Cab, Boston MA 617-782-5500


Metro Cab

Liberty Cab, Buffalo NY 716-877-7111


Liberty Yellow Cab

9.  Call the Town Clerk's office to find out if the taxi is legally registered and authorized to pick up in that town.



1.  Yellow cabs can refuse to take passengers anywhere in New Jersey unless it is Newark International Airport.

2.  Not many Yellow cabs know where New Jersey towns are located

3.  Yellow cabs and livery cars (TLC plates) are not authorized to pick up passengers in New Jersey who hail them.




Taxi and Limousines License Requirement


1.  Company Formation

Taxi Cab companies can be Sole Proprietorships, LLC, Partnerships, S Corps or C Corps registered with New Jersey State Department of Revenue.


2.  Insurance

Before a Taxi/Limousine company can be registered they must first obtain Taxi or Limousine insurance.   The coverage for a Taxi is $50,000 and the coverage for a Limousine is $1.5 million, per vehicle.   Which will run a taxi company $7000 a year and a limousine company $10 - 15,000 a year per vehicle.  

Driver information (Name, address, DOB and Driver's License Number)  must be submitted to the Insurance company for driving history investigation before clearance is issued for the driver to operate the vehicle. 

After the insurance coverage has been obtained, proof of coverage must be presented to the municipality.


3.  Registration with headquarters municipality

Proof of incorporation or business certificate, proof of insurance per vehicle and proof of vehicle ownership must be presented to the Town Clerk's office in the municipality where the taxi, or limousine, company is headquartered.  The registration fee per vehicle must be paid before the municipality license will be issued.


4.  Registration with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Proof of incorporation or business certificate, proof of insurance per vehicle, proof of vehicle ownership and notarized proof of registration with a New Jersey Municipality must be presented to the local Department of Motor Vehicles.  An application for a Corporation Code must be filled out before a Corp Code will be issued.  After the Corp Code has been obtained, and the registration fee per vehicle is paid, the Department of Motor Vehicles will register each vehicle.

See Motor Vehicle Commission Business Vehicles


5.  Issuance of Taxi or Limousine Plates

After the taxi or limousine company has obtained their specific insurance coverage, registered with a municipality, obtained a DMV Corp Code, and registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the specific license plates which denote a vehicle as either a Taxi or Limousine are issued.

OXY   for Taxis

OL for Limousines

6.  License Renewal

The entire process above, with the exception of obtaining a Corp Code, must be completed every year if a taxi, or limousine, company wants to stay in business.  Each driver's information must be submitted to the insurance company for clearance each year.




1.  Driver must have a valid NJ license (some towns require having a valid license for 1 year or more)

2.  Driver must submit to a Criminal Background Check by the local Police Department

3.  Driver must submit to Fingerprinting by the Local Police Department

4.  Driver must supply a 5 year Driving History Record (Driver's Abstract)

5.  Driver must be photographed for Hack License Issuance

6.  Driver must pay the application, criminal background check and fingerprinting fees before a license will be issued.


Some towns also require

1.  Driver must submit to a mental health checkup

2.  Driver must supply proof of Work Authorization by Homeland Security


This process takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to complete before a Taxi / Limousine Driver's License (Hack License)  will be issued.



1.  Driver must have a valid NJ driver's license

2.  Driver must submit a 5 year Driving History Record (Driver's Abstract)

3.  Driver must pay renewal fee and have limited points on the Driver's License before a Hack License will be renewed.



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